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helloooo :D So this community hasn't been posted to in a very long… - THE OFFICIAL ANGUS YOUNG FAN COMMUNITY [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jan. 29th, 2009|04:21 pm]


[mood |happyhappy]
[music |AC/DC's Bad Boy Boogie :D]

helloooo :D
So this community hasn't been posted to in a very long time (sad face).  My bad.  anyways, I just wanted to comment that I love the new cd, Black Ice.  I really love Rock N Roll Train as the opener, whenever I'm driving and I put in the CD I'm like oohyyeeah.  It's a perfect opener.  The video's pretty cool, Angus is sooo cute!  It makes me really sad that I didn't take the opportunity to go and see them!! :( :( :(  but I did get to meet Tom Morello instead (he gave me his pick because I made a shirt that said TOM MORELLO FOR PRESIDENT") he smiled at me for like 15 seconds too, it was awesome!!!!!
haha tommorellolove is going to be my next community. haha! just kidding.   anyways, I've been fooling around on photoshop express and have made some adjustments to some Angus pictures.  I was just wondering if anyone did have the chance to see the boys?? And what they think of the new album, Black Ice???
Oh, I know I mentioned this a really long time ago, buuutttt we are linked to an Australian AC/DC fan site!! If you do to it (I'll try to find the URL) it recommends AC/DC fantatics to check out this community, which is really cool! So yeah. anyways, I'm out but before I go, please check out my "adjustments".
That tatoo is soooo cool!! They have a whole fan tattoo gallery at AC/DC's official website, they're some cool ones, so upload a pic of your tattoo if you have one! haha.
anways, the banner above will be this community's little banner thing I guess.
I hope we can bring some really good AC/DC discussions back to this community!!
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